BrightSpot Solutions®: Steps to Success


BrightSpot Solutions® offers the support you need to succeed. We provide experienced and responsive consulting services to help make your invention a reality‡.
Scott Salzman, BrightSpot Solutions'® owner/consultant is an inventor and entrepreneur; he is available to work individually with inventors on an hourly basis toward their product goals. "You – the inventor – are the key to your own project's success," says Mr. Salzman. "You have the passion and motivation to manifest your desire. Nobody knows or cares about your product more than you. These factors are fundamental to your success."
Individualized tele-consultation sessions address questions related to resources that may be available to you, and may include discussions related to:†
  • Prototypes
  • Manufacturing
  • Financing your idea
  • Importing (customs)
  • Exporting
  • Shipping
  • Setting goals (for example, licensing the product to a larger company, or selling the product yourself)‡
BrightSpot Solutions®: A Step in the Right Direction
Bright ideas for new products in the commercial marketplace are spawned by the thousands; sadly, most end up undeveloped. The idea is only the first phase of several in the creative process.
Avoid pitfalls inherent in navigating solo through the highly competitive world of product development. An enthusiastic, inexperienced inventor is vulnerable to promoters false or exaggerated claims about the potential value of the invention. Often tens of thousands of dollars are spent with invention submission companies that absorb profits by charging large royalties. In addition, many invention submission companies do not lay the necessary foundation to develop the product (they are more interested in your up front money), or they are fraudulent (learn what the Federal Trade Commission has to say about these companies).
Keep Your Earnings!
BrightSpot Solutions® does NOT
  • take royalties
  • take ownership of your invention
  • take a percentage of the profits
  • offer financing
  • evaluate, develop, patent, trademark, copyright, and/or market inventions, websites, ecommerce platforms, ideas or any other related products or services
  • offer legal advice
We believe in the individual behind the product!
Learn from BrightSpot Solutions® the information you need to know to implement your goals. Consultant Scott Salzman supports and trains you from a resource perspective, and helps teach you to learn how to do the work and how to be in control of your business.
Our Goal
The mission of BrightSpot Solutions® is to help you succeed with your invention. Your success is our success.
Proceed quickly and efficiently along your path while saving time and money by avoiding costly and wasteful mistakes. Set up a tele-consultation with Scott Salzman.
BrightSpot Solutions®: Pathway to Invention Success
Learn more about how BrightSpot Solutions® can help you with your invention. Set up a consultation with Scott Salzman by calling: 800-738-7293; locally 303-678-8742.
Tele-Consultation Fees
One time ½ hour trial: $90
1-hour consultation: $150
Block of five 1-hour consultations: $600
† Patents, trademarks and copyrights: Before commencement of our consulting services, in order to secure your intellectual property, we require that all clients confirm that a comprehensive search of their invention including without limitation, patents, trademarks and copyrights, has been conducted and the client will be required to provide proof of such search.
We advise you to seek legal counsel for your questions about patents, trademarks and copyrights. For more information, please visit
‡As your consultants, BrightSpot Solutions®, LLC is acting in a limited consulting capacity. All steps of the process such as but not limited to marketing, promoting and sales of the invention are the sole responsibility of the client and all information is given “as is” with no guarantee of any results.